Whatsapp flaw let hackers dicover whom you speak and when you go to sleep

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WhatsApp is a great way to connect with your friends and family around the world, but it turns out it can be a great way to keep tabs when it is communicated two ways for a hacker or stalker. It is a new error discovered by software engineer Rob Heaton’s app, which has created a Chrome extension with at least four lines of code and has used the error.

This error really happened because, as part of your WhatsApp, your “online” status – whether you’re online or – can be verified by any of your contacts. This means that you go offline and then come back online to read a message, that action is being logged. Conversations can be related to identifying when both online and offline actions are sent by both participants, then two people are sending messages to each other.

The code can also be tweaked to more than two people for sending messages with each other, and when it will require a little more code, the principle remains the same. Using collected information, the haton was able to detect the waking time even when users saw the days for their first and last “online” day.

Unfortunately, you can really do nothing to be able to spy on hackers in this way. By using WhatsApp, you can set the app to show everyone your “last seen” status, to only show contacts, or to anyone else, but there is no feature for your online status to keep it open.

The goal of Heaton was that it would be quite easy for this data to be collected on a comprehensive scale, then the company sold for advertising purposes. For example, people with peculiar sleep samples may be good candidates for sleepy tablet advertising.

Although it’s certainly a privacy problem, WhatsApp will never make a fix, it’s not clear that online status has been a part of the What’sFast since the beginning of the feature, and companies might not want to change it. Nevertheless, users like to see their online status, with their “last seen” status, it will be easy to customize them accordingly.

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