Twitter is finally developing a save-for-later feature

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A component that many on Twitter have long asked seems to go to the microblogging administration.

We discuss a bookmarking feature that allows you to tweet, whether you need to watch them later or store them in bulk, as they sounded or influenced you to sneer.

Right now, you’re probably using one of the many techniques to spare a tweet, including DMing to yourself or tapping on Like Capture. However, these strategies are not really useful – or private. Certainly, some on Twitter regret that their favorite tweets – often with links to articles – can now appear in the course of events of their followers, “giving incidentally an enormous presentation to things I have not yet read, Later customer put it.

Coming news came directly from the head of the Twitter article Jesar Shah, who discovered Monday that an old form had been created during a week of Hack. She even posted a video (below) showing how it works, but Shah noticed that the model was “likely” to change before the release.

In its present form, the component is unquestionably sufficiently clear. When you see a tweet that you need to spare, it’s just an instance of typing the more-alternative catch that appears on one side of the capture Like, and after that again on the choice to add to the bookmarks. When you need to get your saved tweets, just tap on your profile picture and select bookmarks from the drop-down list.

With Twitter having never managed to build a component for later components, many customers have switched to applications such as Pocket that allow you to log off items in tweets for later playback later. In any case, a simple and fast strategy to spare funny or interesting content, with or without joins, is likely to prove widespread with Twitter customers who would like to spare tweets in a private space, available in two or three times.

Shah said she needs the contribution of anyone on Twitter wanting to build the component. “We will tweeter to ask for comments and offer our reasoning as we analyze the plans, try, do research, and the sky is the limit from there,” she said. Anyway, ideally, it will not be too long before he arrives at the administration.

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