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Self-driving car startup (Optimus Ride Inc)

self-driving cars
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Optimus Ride Inc is Boston based self-driving cars technology company, they claim to bring self-driving cars with real-world considerations and design software to enable efficient, sustainable, and equitable mobility networks.

what Ryan-chin Co-founder and CEO of Optimus ride says.

What is self-driving car ?

A self-driving car, also known as a robot car, autonomous car, or driver-less car, is a vehicle that is capable of sensing its environment and moving with little or no human input.

Pros: Self-driving car

  • self-driving cars will reduce deaths because of accidents.
  • will save time of people by increasing the flow of traffic.
  • self-driving cars are the norm, traffic jams, commute times, and gas usage would all decrease.
  • also means that speed limit can be raised.
  • will allow several families to share one vehicle.
  • Police will not spend their time to write traffic tickets and will focus on more important issue like crimes.
  • This technology can facilitate disable persons as well, no more extra person is needed for their movement.

Cons: Self-driving car

  • Automobile industry could suffer, means these companies will make fewer models and resulting fewer jobs.
  • May be able to handle themselves but still special training will be need to operate these special vehicles.
  • These vehicles can cost you little higher than the average vehicle.
  • self-driving cars will depend heavily on computers, making them more vulnerable to hackers and other cyber threats than today’s cars.
  • these cars will highly depend on GPS system, its pretty good in USA but will be difficult in other part of the world.

Future of Self-driving car.

It’s very difficult to say that how much autonomous vehicles we will have in market in future, but will be very difficult for police officers to handle traffic at the same time for both vehicles on roads.

Computer programmers will have to make sure that software are highly secured so hackers don’t get any opportunity to penetrate into systems to get user’s secret data, as these vehicles must be storing their confidential data like credit cards, locations, and times of travelling.

At the same time Manufacturers will have to keep in mind weather factor as well.

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