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Security cameras for home benefits and features

security cameras for home
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Security cameras for home are very important to install, they ensure your security by recording movements and prevents crimes from happening and helps in solving criminal cases. Today’s cameras are equipped with smart security features to make home more secure and stress-free.

Benefits of security cameras:

  • Reduces crime in area.
  • Prevents deliberate destruction and controls damage.
  • Monitor entrance and exits.
  • visitor monitoring.
  • Gather Evidence.

Features to look in Security cameras for home:

Wireless vs. wired security cameras

Choosing between wireless and wired technology wireless security camera system is always preferred. wireless security camera system is easy to install and you can change its position very easily, it’s very important to check its batter level periodically to ensure cameras batteries are fully powered. Wired camera need professional installation and drilling to install outdoor.

Video quality

Video quality is key factor to look into security cameras for homes, you will need 1080p or higher resolution for best view. if you will connect your camera with DVR to record footage that will need HD compatibility as well for clear photos and videos.

Night vision

Clear night vision is most important feature to consider while purchasing security cameras for home. Infrared Technology will help you buy best security cameras for home as they have bright light through wavelength.Number of infrared LEDs determines how far your security cameras will show can capture. Many security cameras have IR cut-switch which automatically enables and disables the Infrared technology based on lighting conditions.

Pan, tilt and zoom function

Pan, Tilt, and zoom functionality are ideal features for covering large areas that allow uses to get best view angle without moving and repositioning Cameras physically.

Mobile device remote control

Many outdoor security cameras available in market live stream to feed directly on mobile devices. This valuable feature helps you access surveillance cameras from your device. Remote access and mobile alerts cloud based features which require monthly or yearly fees.

Weather resistance

Surveillance cameras placed outside should have some sort of protection from weather. There are different models available in market which work in all type of climates like rain, freezing high temperature and heavy winds.


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