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Replace Google Trips with Google Maps to Plan your Trip

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Google is saying goodbye to Google Trips on 15th August 2019.

Google Trips Released its latest update on 3rd July 2019, with an active installations of 5,000,000+. Google Trips was helping you organize and plan your trips more easily, it automatically list down all nearby places and things to do and see. After 15th of august Google Trips will not be able to help you during your trip.

Are you Traveller, Used Google Trips ?

As we discussed google is shutting down its product “Google Trips”, so we will help your plan your trip by using the default service available with any smartphone with android operating system. You can still convert your mobile phone into a google route planner by use Google Maps

Why Google Maps ?

At I/O 2018, Google made an announcement to make changes in Google Maps that will be more useful to end user.

  • Information

Google is the only information provider which has the largest amount of data for his consumer. So Google Maps will provide you with the Valuable information you are looking for. When you have planned a road trip, you always need information about the roads map and places available on the route trip. Google has huge data of Restaurants, Gas Stations, Picnic spots and guests houses that you see on Google Map.

  • Sharing

You can share Maps with friends and family, which makes coordination more easy. Even you can Embed/Share Google Maps in your emails and by your social profiles.

  • Transportation Modes

One of the best feature which Google Maps provide is Transportation mode. you can get direction for your trip by cars, bikes, foot or by public transport. For longer trips google helps you with airline information/Ticketing and carriers too.

Save Locations: Make your list

Google Maps lets you create a custom list to save your desired locations from all over the world by using the criteria you like, Which includes restaurants, Bus stops, Museums, street addresses even you can save coordinates of nameless spots.

You can save locations on Google maps with little markers here is how they will look like.

Google Trips, Route Planner, plan your trips, Organize your Trip, 15th August 2019, your trip by cars, Google Maps to Plan your Trip

Create a List in Google Maps

Let’s Follow simple steps to create Custom List in google Maps.

First Step: Find Location

Before creating list in google maps, use search box to find a place you want in search results. Tap on your desired location and open details. You will see the time, how long it will take you to reach at that location depending the commute.

Second Step: Save Location

Google Map List Save LocationsOn Location detail screen you will Name, ratings address and other details about the location. click on save button as you in attached picture.

Third Step: Select List

Select Google Maps ListAfter pressing the save button you will a list as attached in picture, select “Favourites“, “Want to go“, “starred places” simply tap on the list you want to add location into. If list name is not included into the list then tap on “New List” and move to (Fourth Step).

Fourth Step: Name Google Map List

New Google Map List NameAfter selecting “New List” a new screen will appear, you need to enter list name and enter some details that describes the list.
Keep in mind that List Name is restricted to write only 40 characters, so be creative and precise.

Sharing Your List

Once you have gone through all above steps 🙂 you have already created your list. You can alway get to the newly saved list at anytime from left menu, once you are into the list you can share it with your friends and friend. Tapping a V at top of the page will generate a link that you can share through SMS, Tweet, Email or whatever communication channel you want to use.

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