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8 Reasons To Love Google My Maps

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  1. It enables you to see your outing agenda.
    This is so useful, particularly in case you’re an extremely visual individual or appreciate utilizing maps. In any case, regardless of whether you’re not, it’s still extremely valuable to see where everything is in connection to one another as you plan your trek since it encourages you be reasonable about your plans.
  2. It associates with other Google applications.
    Putting aside my (ahem, extremely judicious) expect that they may assume control over the world soon, I cherish everything Google. My Maps stores a duplicate of the guide in whatever Google Drive account you’re utilizing. (Am I the special case who has 6 of these?) So on the off chance that you get a kick out of the chance to make Google Docs or envelopes to store trip arranging data, archives, photographs, or schedules, it’s pleasant to have your guide effectively open in a similar organizer.
  3. You get extra area data since it’s a piece of Google Maps.
    On the off chance that an area is on Google, you can see their site, telephone number, address, surveys, and site when you add it to your custom guide.
  4. You can include your very own additional points of interest.
    Alter your guide significantly more by including notes, photographs, or recordings. Utilize the notes amid intending to include site or hours data (if it’s not as of now in the posting), or as a place to compose notes in a hurry as you visit places. On the off chance that I find out about the area from a specific blog entry or site, I generally include that connection and a passage from the post into the notes segment so I can reference it later.
  5. You can design your course by making a layer with bearings.
    When I made a trip to Burlington, Vermont, I needed to see the length of the bicycle trail on the guide, so I utilized the headings highlight to demonstrate the entire course. (Look at the Burlington travel direct for a case of the excursion arranging map I made that incorporates the bicycle way course.) And while I haven’t done this yet, you could likewise utilize Google My Maps to design an excursion schedule for a more extended experience.
  6. It’s exceptionally adaptable.
    Try not to mind me while I swoon over the shading coding and association choices here. Utilize custom symbols, layers, and hues so it’s anything but difficult to perceive what things are initially. For instance, you can utilize an espresso mug symbol for every one of the bistros you include, a bed symbol for inns, and a swimming symbol for shorelines. You can likewise utilize layers in a wide range of routes, for example, one layer for every day of your trek or one layer for every classification (like feasting, hotel, and activities).
  7. Top to bottom anticipating your PC. Simple, in a hurry access from your telephone.
    You can get to it from inside your Google Maps application on iPhone or Android (and on Android, you can download a different Google My Maps application in the event that you need to see your maps or add to them).
  8. It’s anything but difficult to impart it to a companion or with the world.
    In case you’re arranging an outing with other individuals, it’s anything but difficult to impart the guide to other people. What’s more, if it’s something you need to make accessible to everybody (as I do on my movement manage posts), simply change the protection setting and offer the connection or install it on a site.

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