John Perry Barlow: Can dream of open internet die with its institution father?

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Internet pioneer Juan Perry Barlow, who defended the values of the free and open internet, died. Her goals run the risk of being killed with her.

van Barlow The declaration of cyberspace independence, written almost 22 years ago, was a cry of cyberpunk and warned the government: “In the future, I will ask you to leave the past behind for you.You are not welcome among us. the sovereignty in which we come together. ”

The Declaration establishes a visionary vision for the entire Internet to enable a person to express his convictions “without fear of being silenced in silence or with” and without government regulation.

“His hope is to adapt and show this important role in inclusive people about what they build,” said Siba Wajidjianat, a media professor at the University of Virginia.

The idea of having internet comes from reaching the state and the mobility of the most obvious
Carl Miller, party
But 22 years ago the techno-utopians were perfect. In our place, we have a wide range of government monitoring, power concentration in the hands of several large international companies, widespread Internet bullying, and broader related areas.

“The idea that the Internet is the vanguard of reaching the state and its real erosion,” said the demonstrator of Carl Miller Thinktank.

In 1996, the Internet looked like a special place where the old rules of the physical world were not in use. But as the Internet population grows from a small group of billions of people in smartphones around the world, the subtle false initiatives are starting to get rid of it.

Internet is constantly associated with people and with all our weaknesses, there is always a racist, hatred of women and nationalist on the Internet, but as it grows, it becomes clearer and stronger,” he said. Vaidhyanathan.

“He is right, that on the internet more people get more votes than ever before, but it is also used to include people, lies, and censorship as if it has an effect,”

With the increase in population in cyberspace, and the willingness and ability of governments to use for controlling and manipulating people, programs of mass surveillance NSA to “patriotic troll” Filipino president Rodrigo Deterge and the large Chinese firewall.

Barlow was not naïve. He knew that technology could be used for evil as well as for good, but he decided to focus on the latter, as evidenced by CEO EFF Cindy Cohn, in this moving tribute.

John Perry Barlow, a visionary internet pioneer, dies at the age of 70

“I knew that it was also true to find a good way to predict the future. Therefore, we have provided Utopia, hoping to give her freedom before bringing law and Metcalfe Moore’s what Ed Snowden now correctly calls” totalitarianism with a key. “

He also knew that providing internet to a healthy “immune system” requires great efforts on behalf of the activists. “It was not a senseless blow and that is not the case now”, he told wired in 2016.

Since that interview, the immune system of the internet is widespread by more powerful state and corporate bond manipulators, but everything is not lost. His legacy lives on through the Electronic Frontier Foundation, which he founded, and the Foundation for Freedom of the Press, organizations that fight tirelessly for the rights of people in the aftermath of such enormous challenges.

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