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How well Google Knows About you and How Google Tracks You

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Do you think you personal information is safe ? No it’s not, Google tracks your all activities on internet, how well google knows about you by collecting your data.

Nothing is free. Everything has to be paid for.

Google is not only a search engine but it is designed to provide extremely good and excellent service which add some value to your routine works. You think you are getting information absolutely free of cost, no it’s not like this. There is always price which you need to pay anything you get. I will try my best to explain how Google Tracks your data and how well google knows about your.

Let’s get started !

Groups of data:-

There are two type data google is collecting for you.

  1. Data which you are providing google while using Google Services.
  2. Information you write with your own hand to the Google.

First group of data is entirely in background. When you are using Google services it collects data which is hidden and many user in the world even don’t know how much google knows about you.

  • Querying to Google Search Engine.
  • Google Maps in your smartphone.
  • Playing youtube videos.

What Google knows about you?

The second group is data is the information which you consciously provide to Google For example,

  • Your Name (First Name, Middle Name, Last Name)
  • Your Passwords.
  • Your Emails (sent and received from gmail).
  • Your Phone Numbers
  • Your Photos and Videos (which you save on Google Drive)
  • Content (Which you write or editing using Google Docs)

Your Private data:-

Let’s talk in detail how you are providing private data to google by using its services and apps.

  • Google Profile: First name, last name nickname, birth date, gender, password email and phone.
  • Google Chrome: Your entire browsing history, usernames, files you have downloaded , addons you are using etc.
  • Gmail:  You contact list, Your phone numbers, email messages (sent and received), Shopping history.
  • Google Ads: Ads you click on, and topics you always looking for.
  • Google Search: Your search query(Everything you type in google search bar) about any device or any related application or service.
  • Google Maps: Places you have visited, Transportation mode, travel dates, places you search in app.
  • Youtube: Videos you have uploaded and watched, Like and disliked videos, comments you wrote on youtube videos.
  • Google Calendar:  Google Knows about your complete schedule.
  • Google Photos: Uploading and syncing device memory with Google Photos, and tagged places and tagged photos.
  • Google Fit: you are providing Your weight, Height and fitness level too 🙂
  • Google Alerts: Topics and articles you want to read about.
  • Google News: Any story which you have read or you are interested in.
    Google knows about you
  • Google Shopping: Your Purchasing history and products you are interested in.
  • Google Assistant: Your voice searches, location and integration with other third party apps.
  • Google Books: Books you have search for online and books you have read and favourite author.
  • Google Pay: Your financial information and your credit card number.

It’s very difficult to count the data which google is collecting directly or indirectly but above list provide you the knowledge about your data which google have.

How well Google Knows About you?

Your personal Details: Google know all about you including name, birthday, gender even google know how you look like if you have tagged yourself in photos.

Your Voice:  If you have ever used google assistant, google has your voice samples and can recognize you.

Your Interests: Have you ever used Google Search Engine for specific things link Nearby lunch, read about political stuff, Search about the religious content. Now google knows about the content and interests you were looking for and you have gone through.

Your Health Condition: If you have have ever used Google Fit to achieve fitness goals. Now google knows about your health condition as well. as you have already provide your height, weight Google keeps track of your steps count and give you information about your fitness level how close you are to your fitness goal.

You location:  Google Maps is one of widely used app which tracks your real time location. so Google where you have travelled your route and time of stay. even google know about your home and work location as well. 

Your friends: Depending on type of cell phone you are using, it keeps the records of your call log and frequently dialled numbers. Even google knows about your girlfriend 😉

Future Plans: If you have used Google Trips and made any plan. google knows about your plan like if you have search for location any job and looking for information about the city you are moving to, Google knows about it.


Well after going through this article if you are concerned about your data and personal which you don’t want to share with google Google has provide some guidelines to maintain your account and personal information. You can still Manage your info, privacy, and security by visiting provided link.

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