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Stadia- Google's new gaming studio
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Google has announced its live-streaming service Stadia which will be launched this year, it will let you play anywhere.

This service will let gamers leave expensive systems behind and service can be used on devices like chrome and and an internet devices.

it means Google will launch on desktop, Laptops, TVs, tablets and phones, this service will work across platforms so you won’t be just competing with other stadia users.

Stadia will support

  • 4k at 60fps with surround sound and HDR.
  • 8k at 120fps support in future.

Stadia Features

Google collaborated with AMD to  build high-end GPU for Stadia that the company says pushes more than 10.7 teraflops, dwarfing the GPU output of both the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro.

Viewers will option to move directly from YouTube into gameplay without any downloads just by clicking a “Play Now” button. Google says it will take less than 5 seconds.

they didn’t announced its release date and pricing but more features will be announced in I?O developer conference.

Follow them on your officials channels.

Google is already Shutting down Google+.




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