Dream of flying is not old any more

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  • Flying air taxi has 18 Rotor called Volocopter.
  • also known as drone taxi
  • First manned fully electric helly copter
  • origin of this invention is Germany
  • manufacturing by e- volo (German Company)
  • Doesn’t require runway just needed batteries.

First Test flight in Dubai (2017) in hottest climate of Dubai and Flight was succeed.

Soon people of Dubai get rid from busy traffic and enjoy the air flight. People will hire the flying taxi and enjoy the scene of Dubai deserts.

You also handle it with your smart phone its mean u can order it using your smart phone.In Other helicopters you can use headphones because so much noise in these, but in volocopter no noise.

At Last I tell you one last thing about volocopter no everyone can afford them because its price is 25 million dollars.

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