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Age of War Unblocked

Age of War Unblocked
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Age of War Unblocked is an interesting game and you can also play it online. The main purpose of the Age of War Unblocked game is to defeat the enemies. Interesting feature of this game is it shows the periods of human history like when you play the game it starts with the Stone Age and you can defeat with stones, and wooden ax. From Stone Age then move to the new future technology life and use latest weapons. Age of war Unblocked game has shown the five ages of human life. Many people find this game interesting and entertaining. Age of War Unblocked is good for all ages, especially for those who like the adventurous and thrilling games.

Age of War Unblocked Features

Many exciting and mind-blowing features of the Age of War unblocked game that is listed below:

  • You will get extra points
  • The more points you earn you get latest weapons
  • Some soldiers ride on car or horse to fight with enemies
  • Experience the different periods of Human history
  • Play online on your mobile phone
  • Not required too much memory (If you download the game)
  • Easily play with the mouse if you play on the desktop system or laptop

You will also know more features when you play the Age of War Unblocked game. It grabs all your attention.

Game Modes

Age of war unblocked game has different modes like other games. So every person can easily play this game.

  • Normal
  • Harder
  • Impossible

When you first time play the game you will obviously play the normal level then you are a little trained in Age of War unblocked game then you will go for harder and then impossible level.

App Information

When you download the Age of War unblocked game on your mobile phone. The downloading process is very simple and in the permissions they will ask for the photos/media files and some other things.

NameAge of War Unblocked APK
App NameAge of War
Current Version4.8
Android Requirements2.3 and upgrade version
App Size40M
Last UpdatedMay 5, 2019
Offered byMax Game Studios

Requirements for android device

Some requirements are needed when you download the Age of war unblocked in your mobile phone.

  • Your mobile phone should be 2.3 and above OS.
  • Mobile phone should have large memory

How to Play Age of War Unblocked

  • First download the game
  • Choose the level
  • From the toolbar you can select the turrets
  • Select the units
  • On the left side of the map it will see the base
  • Check the health bar of your soldiers (Important thing you have to check throughout your game)
  • On the right corner of the screen you can plan your strategy and change the place of your soldiers
  • When you earned the experience you can move to the next stage
  • Defeating enemies and earn gold
  • Passes via some stages or periods of life
  • Unlock new soldiers

Trips and Tricks

  • Defeat more enemies so you can get more gold.
  • The main trick is after the special attack that you use and then pause the game when the game is paused it will continue to regenerate.
  • When you get a special power that has been used then wait before you can use it again. Pause the game and you will get the special power again.
  • When the enemies shoot pauses the game and pause it again and again then your soldiers shoot them with no reload.
  • When using fire launcher and fire it with them pause the game it will reload the fire launcher and your fire with fire launcher faster.
  • Beware of the enemy’s attack
  • Defend your base
  • Earn extra points

Despite these tricks there are many other tricks of this game so when you play this game you also know more tricks.

Final Verdict

Download the Age of War Unblocked game and you really liked this game. Enjoy the Age of war unblocked game in your free time. Lot of fun in this game.


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